I Don’t Get Modern Art – I’d Rather be at the Park

Went to the Tate Museum – well, Tate Britain – there are two Tate Museums. It features plenty of British artists, including my favorite painter JMW Turner. I whole exhibit, I nearly wept! But mostly there are modern art sculptures, and it reminded me I don’t get modern art, I don’t like most of it. But the Turner exhibit made up for everything… and the architecture was amazing. 


See it could just be me, but that first sculpture reminds me of a weird apple.


Then Wednesday my class was apparently cancelled – which I didn’t learn until after waiting outside the classroom for 20 minutes before taking the old college additive: if he isn’t there within 15 minutes of start, I leave. Well, a friend of mine – you also waited for that class to start – walked around Richmond Park. This park is amazing – huge, there are deer, and you can even horse back ride in there – it’s really expensive but that’s cool. Thankfully it was a beautiful sunny day – a bit muddy, but clear.Walk around for an hour or so before coming back to campus – it’s about a 10 minute walk – to find an email sent (5 minutes before class) saying it was a review week. Thanks for letting us know in advance. 


Chahuly Exhibit either Saturday or Sunday so I’ll have plenty of glass sculpture pictures for everyone.



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